Hot-rolled products

We provide our hot rolled steel grades application areas in a wide range, in order to meet the variety of demands and expectations of our customers. Micro alloyed high strength steel grades with high deep drawing quality deliver excellent performance in bending and cold forming applications. Wheel or frame steels, one of the main components of the automotive industry, are used in the manufacture of wheel or frame parts due to their high strength and formability quality. General structural steels with ductility and toughness properties, and that are suitable for conventional welding processeses are mainly used in the production of construction machinery, caterpillars, heavy plates for general construction, land and railway vehicles, storage tanks and containers. Hot rolled pipe grades are used for the production of pipes with high tensile strength, excellent toughness and weldability properties and that are used for the transport of gases/petroleum or fluid substances such as water or oil. High-pressure and temperature boiler steels are used in the manufacture of pressure vessels and boilers, pipes subjected to pressure and steam, industrial thermal vessels and heat exchangers, due to their excellent forming and weldability properties. Tube steels are used in the manufacture of LPG tubes, as they have a very good formability quality and excellent weldability and toughness properties. Medium and high tensile strength steels for shipbuilding with superior weldability and relevant toughness properties can be used for building ship interiors and keels.



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