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Our Values

To work with an awareness of our responsibility towards our customers, employees, country, environment, and the world.

To be open to continuous improvement and innovation.

To work with professionally competent expert staff and increase the quality of personnel through in-company training.

To take measures against any impact that may harm nature and humans during production.

To work with a sense of team from the beginning to the end of production.

To work in a trust relationship with our customers, stakeholders, solution partners, and to develop this trust relationship.

Environmental Policy

As PARLADI METAL Ind. and Trade Co., our mission is;

We are an environmentally conscious organization that contributes to the national economy and strives to reduce our environmental impact during all our activities in order to leave a clean and healthy world for future generations. We are aware of the tasks we have outlined below, and we consider them a part of our business.

Our organization commits to fulfill these responsibilities to manage this impact, recognizing the need to manage the effects of our processes on the environment.

  1. Compliance with Laws,
  2. We continuously monitor and comply with relevant laws and regulations to meet the expectations of our employees, customers, and the social stakeholders affected by our activities.

  3. Employee Participation,
  4. We aim to raise the awareness of our employees by providing training in this regard and contribute to the widespread dissemination of environmental consciousness through the participation of our employees.

  5. Effective Use of Natural Resources,
  6. We ensure the efficient use of natural resources by reducing the consumption of resources such as electricity, water, and natural gas.

  7. Reducing Environmental Pollution,
  8. We use technologies that cause less harm to the environment in investments and new projects. We also continuously improve our existing infrastructure to reduce environmental damage.

  9. Continuous Improvement,
  10. We commit to continuously improving and striving for continuous development by monitoring and pursuing the goals set for the efficient use of natural resources, reduction of environmental pollution, and meeting the expectations of laws and customers with the participation of our employees.

On behalf of the PARLADI METAL Employees


General Manager

October 30, 2020